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Why the Barney Bed?

As Barney began his transition into senior-hood I began searching for the perfect bed.
One that was supportive to his joints. I loved how cute and comfortable he looked when he propped his head up on the couch arm so I wanted to include that couch comfort.
The memory foam had to be the best density foam for the best chin resting and the base had to have structure and softness. The cover had to be EASY to remove and wash and I didn’t ever want to contemplate throwing out a dirty whole bed again! The inner water resistant lining protects the foam from water/pee/vomit/poo/dust mites. Not only Barney loves the Barney Bed but now all his friends!


What is the Barney Bed made from?

Chin Rests: made from 100% superior memory foam 

Base mattress: is made up of a structural foam base topped with a layer of superior memory foam which adapts to your dog’s body without sinking.

Each foam piece is individually enveloped in a water and dust mite resistant lining to keep them clean and fresh from pee/dirt/poo/vomit and other delicious things your dog chooses to bring to his bed.


Can I wash the Barney Bed?

Yes! We designed the Barney Bed with practicality in mind. Let's face it, hygiene is not high on our dog’s list of priorities and the bed is often the place where our dogs enjoy eating disgusting snacks or often the place they like to wipe the day off their paws. The Barney Bed unzips like a dream with the YKK zipper and is totally machine washable. Wash at a medium temperature with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Do not wash the memory foam inserts. They are protected inside water resistant casings. Simply wipe them with a wet cloth and detergent.

Is the Microfibre material water resistant?

No. Waterproofing a normally non-waterproof material requires covering it with chemicals. Since your dog will be living in his Barney Bed, we decided against the use of such chemicals which could be harmful to your dog. Instead we chose the softest, most durable, machine-wash friendly material we could source and made the inside water resistant. Each foam piece is individually enveloped water and dust mite resistant lining to keep them clean and fresh from pee/dirt/poo/vomit and other delicious things your dog chooses to bring to his bed. 


Is the Barney Bed waterproof?

No. Although the memory foam lining is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. This means that it will protect against spills and liquids if they are cleaned immediately. Prolonged contact with a wet substance may eventually permeate the memory foam lining because it is not waterproof. If your dog suffers from regular incontinence, ensure you take off the microfibre cover immediately after soiling and machine wash. Wipe the memory foam lining with a damp cloth and detergent.

Our choice to use water resistant lining over waterproof lining ensures the memory foam is breathable and does not heat up with your dog's body temperature.


Is the Barney Bed chew proof?

Although we do not offer any guarantees against chewing, ripping and clawing, we're proud to say we have not had any destroyed beds yet! The reason being is that the Barney Bed is pretty solid like a couch. Dogs cannot move it due to it being relatively heavy and the anti-skid bottom keeping it planted on your floor. Also, there are no loose, soft bits for your dog to latch on and 'maul'

We have had many dog owners report that their dogs were once serial bed-destroyers but have totally looked after the Barney Bed! Check out our reviews on our Facebook page and Google to read about these dogs.


Will my dog overheat in the Barney Bed?

No. Because the Barney Bed does not sink with your dog's weight it allows air to flow around your dog's body. Soft dog beds that sink, trap your dog's body heat in and can be really uncomfortable in the summer. As a Samoyed dog-mum, I know how quickly some dogs overheat and often resort to sleeping on the tiles. I'm glad to report, my two Samoyeds find their Barney Beds super comfortable even on the hottest days.


Why the memory foam Chin Rests?

Dogs just LOVE resting their chins at slight inclines. The Chin Rests are the perfect height for your dog to do that comfortably. The memory foam is soft but strong. Adaptable but doesn’t sink. It literally cushions your dog’s chin, giving your lap a run for its money.


Does the Barney Bed come in other colours?

At this stage the Barney Bed only comes in Cool Grey. However we will be releasing more colours in the near future. Help us choose our next colours! Send us what colours you would like to see


Do you have any Barney Bed stockists? I would like to see the bed before I buy it.

At the moment we only sell the Barney Bed online at

If you need help with choosing a size after checking out our size chart, get in touch with us at and our team can help you decide on a size and send you photos of other dogs similar to yours in the Barney Bed so you can have peace of mind you've chosen the right size. We have a huge collection of dog photos and videos on our Instagram @thebarneybed


What is the best size for my dog?

The size chart we provide is a guide only based on your dog's longest length from his nose to base of tail. This is to ensure your dog has enough space to fully stretch out (when needed). Of course, many dogs like to curl up so they don't use the full space anyway. Keep this in mind when you are choosing a size to fit in with the space you have at home. You may have to sacrifice the option for you dog to fully sprawl out if you are tight on space at home.

Measure your dog from nose to base of tail to get a rough idea on what size would be needed for him to lie fully straight and then work out whether that size will work in the space at home. Adjust accordingly. 


Are the XLs and XXLs really that big?

 Yes! They are huge. Please ensure you have measure the space you have reserved for it. If you have the space, go for it! There's nothing better than lying in bed with your dog. Especially one this comfy! 


I have two dogs do they need a bed each?

Do they like sharing? If so, go for one bed. If they don't, get them one each based on the size chart. The most common duos we get asked about are:

Frenchies, Cavooodles, Dachshunds, Corgis or similar size: : Two of these breeds will comfortably fit in a Medium.

Labradores, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds, Groodles, Border Collies or similar size: Two of these breeds will comfortably fit in an XL.


 Do you provide a warranty?

Only against manufacturing defaults. We do not offer any warranties for damages caused by rough dog behaviour.


I've just opened my Barney Bed and it is still flat and nothing like the photos!

Please give your Barney Bed a week for it to expand fully. We promise it will. Your dog can use it right away and it wont stop it from rising at all.


Is the Barney Bed Scratch Proof?

Light scratching and kneading is totally ok. Our special microfibre is quite strong. If your dog does damage the cover from excessive scratching and biting, you can always purchase a cover rather than replace the whole bed. So far we've had one damaged cover by a cheeky Greyhound called Zara who ripped her cover by  biting off the remainder of a bar of milk chocolate she stole! Naughty Zara! 


Do you have Afterpay?




How long will my order take?

All covers and beds are dispatched within 2 business days. Shipping to NSW metro is usually 1 day and other Australian Metro areas are another 2 days. We provide tracking with your order so you will always be up to date.


Will you ship to my Country?

Please get in touch at to see if we ship to your country before placing your order. We offer free shipping on S, M, and L sizes in Australia only.



Limited exchanges and refunds

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and the box unopened. We allow exchanges for a different size if the box is unopened however you must arrange shipping back to us at your cost plus shipping of the new item to you.

Contact us at if you would like to return or exchange your item.
The item must be in perfect condition and the box unopened for a refund to be granted.

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

If the item is in perfect condition we will process your refund to your original method of payment.

Please allow 7 working days for your refund to show up on your statement.
If you haven’t received your approved refund after 7 working days of us notifying you of the return item receipt, please contact us at


Faulty Items

Faulty items will be replaced as per the Australian Consumer Law. If you have received a faulty item, please ensure you take a photo of it and email us at We will give you directions on how to proceed.