Linen Cover - Rust


Barney Linen is a luxe range allowing you to match your dog’s Barney Bed with your interior styling without compromising on comfort or orthopaedic support.

With beautiful aesthetics that rival your own bed linen, you and your dog will love the limited edition colours for this season.


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  • • Natural linen cover in ‘Rust’
    • Neutral aesthetic to fit in with your decor so your dog’s bed looks like the furniture.
  • • Light hair/fur will be visible on Rust
    • Machine washable and quick to dry.
    • Easy to put on and remove. Parachute elastic rim to pop on and off just like a fitted bed sheet.
    • 100% natural luxe linen reinforced with a polyester backing to add strength.
    • Made to fit your Barney Bed size. Choose the same size as your Barney Bed.
    • Comes in four stylish colours that will rival your own bed linen
    • Has a cool breathable feel.
    • One of a kind. There is no other dog bed like the Barney Bed that is both practical and stylish

*Barney Bed Sold Separately*

Sold out

12 Month Limited Warranty  ●  3 Year No-Sag Guarantee

Hidden zipper for easy removal and washing of cover

Herringbones is made up of a wool blend weave which will withstand light scratches.

The most comfortable sleep of your dog's life.


Built To Last

Never throw out an old, dirty bed again. Our covers are easy to remove and wash, protecting your dog's favorite bed for years to come. Simply machine wash with mild detergent. It air dries quickly and goes back easily over your Barney Bed.

Non-Skid Base

The non-skid base is designed to keep your pup safe. Since it is quite heavy for a dog to move, the Barney Bed will never slip when your dog steps into bed. This is crucial for dogs who suffer from joint pain.

Hidden Zippers

Our luxe gold outer bottom YKK zipper hides well and fits the memory foam compartments on your Barney Bed, just like the original grey cover.


The Barney Bouclé is a cover only, made to fit your Barney Bed perfectly.

Choose the same size as your Barney Bed.

Dog Bed Dimensions:

Overall: 73cm x 58cm
Internal: 50cm x 34cm

Overall: 94cm x 74cm
Internal: 64cm x 44cm

Overall: 115cm x 90cm
Internal: 85cm x 60cm

Extra Large
Overall: 155cm x 110cm
Internal: 120cm x 75cm

Extra-Extra Large
Overall: 200cm x 130cm
Internal: 160cm x 90cm

The Barney Linen Cover 'Rust' is a cover only, made to fit your Barney Bed perfectly.

Choose the same size as your Barney Bed.

Dog Bed Dimensions Overall Internal
Small 73cm x 58cm 50cm x 34cm
Medium 94cm x 74cm 64cm x 44cm
Large 115cm x 90cm 85cm x 60cm
XL 155cm x 110cm 120cm x 75cm
XXL 200cm x 130cm 160cm x 90cm

100% natural luxe linen reinforced with a polyester backing to add strength. Has a cool breathable feel. Light hair/fur will be visible on Rust

100% NATURAL LINEN outer
Polyester backing and elastic

Barney Bed will deliver your item with tracking. Australia Post will leave your parcel at your nominated address only if the courier deems it a safe spot to do so.

Australia Post will take your parcel back to the post office if there is not a safe spot to leave your parcel. If you do not wish for the courier to leave your parcel unattended, you must email us to inform us by emailing us once you place your order. Barney Bed will not be responsible for any missing parcels from your nominated address if there is proof of delivery it was delivered to the correct address.

All our deliveries are carried out with a proof of delivery image and scan.

Although Barney linen is strong and reinforced with a backing we do not recommend it for dogs that bite and heavily scratch their bed. Barney linen will withstand light scratches only.

How to wash Barney Linen


100% NATURAL LINEN outer
Polyester backing and elastic

* Lay down your Barney Linen cover on the Barney Bed and spread it out as flat as possible. Ensure it is going in the right direction, as the bed is longer than it is wide.
* Grasp one corner of the linen cover over the top right corner of the Barney Bed, pulling it under the bed.
* Slip the cover over the other corner on the same side. Tuck it under the Barney Bed.
* Now that one side of the cover is covering one side of the bed, stand up and tilt the bed on that side. Pull the cover to meet the uncovered side.
* The cover will now seem a bit tight so hold the cover with one hand and squash the Barney Bed to push into the cover.
* Once the Barney Bed is in the cover ensure all the seams of the cover are aligned with the Barney Bed seams. This is important as it will ensure your cover is flat for your dog to sleep on.
* If you flip your Barney Bed upside down, your linen cover elastic should form an even oval in the centre of the base. If it is not even, pull and adjust the sides to even it out.

Covers may be returned for an exchange or refund within 7 days of receiving your delivery. Please contact us within 7 days on if you would like to create a return. Please note we only accept unused covers. Covers with dog hair will not be accepted for a return.

Please allow 7 working days for your refund to show up on your statement. If you haven’t received your approved refund after 7 working days of us notifying you of the return item receipt, please contact us at

If you have received an item with a manufacturing defect please get in touch with us as soon as possible with photos of the fault and we will inform you on how to proceed. Please note your dog being able to damage the bed or cover is not a manufacturing defect.

We offer a 12 month warranty on the Barney Bed against manufacturing defects only. We offer a 3 year warranty on the Barney Bed against memory foam sagging. We do not cover any damages due to rough dog use which includes but not limited to: Excessive scratching, biting, chewing, digging.

Your Dog Will Thank You

Don't miss out on these premium Barney Linen Covers in Rust.

12 Month Limited Warranty  ●  3 Year No-Sag Guarantee




Does this include the bed?

No. The Barney Bed is sold separately. Please choose the same size cover as your Barney Bed.

Is the cover water proof?

No, the bed on its own is not waterproof. It is water resistant only. Please purchase our Waterproof Lining Kit to waterproof your bed.

Can I bleach the cover?

No. Please only wash your Barney Bed cover on a warm machine wash with mild detergent and hang to dry. The cover dries super quickly within two hours.

Can I tumble dry the cover?

No. Please only hang dry, inside-out. The cover dries super quickly within two hours.

How long will my order take?

Unless there are restrictions and delays due to COVID the following applies.

All covers and beds are dispatched from our Sydney warehouse within 2 business days.
Remote parts of Australia can take up to a week for delivery but capital cities are usually within 2-3 days of order.

Please note that the XL and XXL beds are very large items and need to go with a specialist courier. Although shipping might seem expensive, they are heavily subsidised and we only pass on a small component of the cost.

Shipping to NZ
Delivery is usually within 1 week.

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- The fastest way is to use our chat system (in the bottom right corner of the screen)

- Second fastest is to email us

- If you need to call us, our number in the Australia is +612 79084628. (Please be aware that we are not always immediately available to answer calls.)

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