Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest
Linen Cover - Forest

Linen Cover - Forest

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$ 120.00 AUD
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Barney Linen is a luxe range allowing you to match your dog’s Barney Bed with your interior styling without compromising on comfort or orthopaedic support.

With beautiful aesthetics that rival your own bed linen, you and your dog will love the limited edition colours for this season.

  • Inspired by a moonlit forest which one of Barney’s ancestors might have howled at the moon in. 😉
  • Cool aesthetic to fit in with your decor so your dog’s bed looks like the furniture.
  • Natural pink linen cover
  • Dark hair/fur will not be as visible on Forest as light hair/fur will
  • Light hair/fur will be visible on Forest
  • Machine washable and quick to dry.
  • Easy to put on and remove. Parachute elastic rim to pop on and off just like a fitted bed sheet.
  • 100% natural luxe linen reinforced with a polyester backing to add strength.
  • Made to fit your Barney Bed size. Choose the same size as your Barney Bed.
  • Comes in four stylish colours that will rival your own bed linen
  • Has a cool breathable feel.
  • One of a kind. There is no other dog bed like the Barney Bed that is both practical and stylish


Although Barney linen is strong and reinforced with a backing we do not recommend it for dogs that bite and heavily scratch their bed. Barney linen will withstand light scratches only.

  • Cold machine wash with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals.
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Air dry inside out


  • Lay down your fitted sheet on the Barney Bed and spread it out as flat as possible. Ensure it is going in the right direction, as the bed is longer than it is wide.
  • Grasp one corner of the linen cover over the top right corner of the Barney Bed, pulling it under the bed. 
  • Slip the cover over the other corner on the same side. Tuck it under the Barney Bed.
  • Now that one side of the cover is covering one side of the bed, stand up and tilt the bed on that side. Pull the cover to meet the uncovered side.
  • The cover will now seem a bit tight so hold the cover with one hand and squash the Barney Bed to push into the cover.
  • Once the Barney Bed is in the cover ensure all the seams of the cover are aligned with the Barney Bed seams. This is important as it will ensure your cover is flat for your dog to sleep on.
  • If you flip your Barney Bed upside down, your linen cover elastic should form an even oval in the centre of the base. If it is not even, pull and adjust the sides to even it out.