Barneycles Towel Cover

Sugarloaf Barneycles Cover
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12-Month Manufacturers Warranty

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Sugarloaf Barneycles Cover


The world’s first ever [wet dog] - drying dog bed! Featuring a super absorbent and funky shaggy outer layer to soak up all the moisture away from your dog's skin and an inner microfiber towel lining to keep the Barney Bed dry.

The idea for this cover came to me whilst on holiday in Seal Rocks, NSW last summer. Our Samoyeds - Barney and Chibby were swimming all day and coming home to sleep in their Barney beds soaking wet. This is the cover I wished we had to help dry the dogs and prevent any hotspots from occurring. Forget the mad chase after your dog with a towel - post bath, swim or a walk in the rain! Simply direct them to their Barney Bed with the Barneycles cover, and they can dry off while they snooze. - Julia

About the Barney Covers

Is the cover waterproof?

No, our covers are not waterproof as we designed them to be as comfy and soft as possible and waterproof materials are not often comfy to the touch. We have, however, designed the covers to be super easy to remove and wash whenever needed. We created the Waterproof lining Kit which you can fit over the interior of your Barney Bed- just like your own mattress protector, which will fully protect your Barney Bed from water/pee accidents.

Are there any other colors?

The Barney Bed is sold in its original grey cover. We have a wide range of covers available in lots of different colors and materials. We often release new covers, so stay tuned on our website and socials!

I already have a bed. Do you sell just the covers?

Yes! Please choose the same size cover as your Original Barney Bed. Our covers are specifically designed to only fit the Barney Bed. You can check your bed size on the tag inside your cover or if you have any questions about the bed size you ordered, please send an email to and we’ll be happy to look up your order.

I fit my zip cover on my bed, why doesn’t look fitted like the photos online?

This is because your original gray cover needs to be fully removed, and the memory foam inserts need to be inserted into your zip cover. Our zip covers (Bouclé Cover, Teddy Covers, Arthur-Itis Cover, Jet Black Covers) are a replacement for the original grey cover and are not intended to be fitted over the grey cover.


Available in three colourways...


Neutral and tonal hue that blends into any aesthetic


Named after the Furseals that frequent the Australian East Coast


Inject a burst of vibrant fuchsia for those who appreciate daring colours

Allow your dog to snooze and dry...


Removes moisture away from your dog's skin


Removable and machine washable


Pops on and off your Barney Bed and existing cover like a fitted bed sheet.

With the super absorbent Barneycles Cover...


Double layered so both sides are soft and cozy


12 month warranty on any manufacturing defects


Dog's feel protected and safe in bed designed just for them

Frequently Asked Questions

Care & Washing

The Barneycles Cover pops on over your Barney Bed and existing cover. It has an elastic on the bottom side which expands to fit over your Barney Bed. To wash, simply pull off your Barney Bed gently and wash on a warm machine wash. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals. Wash with similar colours. Air dry inside out. Although the Barneycles Cover is strong and reinforced with a backing, we do not recommend it for dogs that bite and heavily scratch their bed. The ‘polyps’ on the Barneycles may rip if your dog heavily scratches or bites them off.


Barney Bed will deliver your item with tracking. Australia Post will leave your parcel at your nominated address only if the courier deems it a safe spot to do so. Australia Post will take your parcel back to the post office if there is not a safe spot to leave your parcel. If you do not wish for the courier to leave your parcel unattended, you must email us to inform us by emailing us once you place your order. Barney Bed will not be responsible for any missing parcels from your nominated address if there is proof of delivery it was delivered to the correct address. All our deliveries are carried out with a proof of delivery image and scan.


We offer a 12-month warranty on covers against manufacturing defects only. This limited warranty applies to defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. It does not cover normal wear and tear or damages due to rough dog use, which includes but is not limited to; excessive scratching, biting, chewing, digging. Barney Bed will not be responsible for any damages resulting from not following the care instructions. Please see Full Warranty Details on our FAQs page.

Returns & Exchanges

Please confirm you have the right size before purchasing, you can do this by checking the size tag on the inside of your Barney Bed cover. Returns can only be processed within 14 days of the purchase date. Please note, we only accept unused covers, covers with dog hair will not be accepted for a return. Please see full Refund & Exchange details on our FAQs page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

This cover is actually very thick ! So far my girl loves it 😆


My labradoodle puppy loves his barney bed very happy customers. we love how you can change the covers to suit all seasons.

Hello Suzanne, thank you so much for your glowing review We designed the Barney Bed with style and functionality in mind! We're thrilled to hear both you and your pup love the bed

Irene Sawiers
Archie’s new snuggle bed

Certainly! Here's a review for you:


I recently purchased the Barney Bed and Barneycles Towel Cover for my cavoodle, Archie, and he is absolutely loving them! The Barney Bed is incredibly comfortable and well-made, providing Archie with a cozy place to relax and sleep. He took to it immediately, and I can tell he feels secure and happy in his new bed.

The Barneycles Towel Cover is a game-changer for bath time. It's super absorbent and soft, making it easy to dry Archie quickly after his baths. Plus, the towel cover stays in place, so I don't have to worry about it slipping off. It's clear that these products are designed with pets in mind, combining functionality and comfort.

Overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase, and more importantly, Archie is too! I highly recommend the Barney Bed and Barneycles Towel Cover to any pet owner looking to spoil their fur-friend.

Hey Irene,

Thanks so much for your 5-star review! We are so delighted that you and Archie are both loving the Barney bed and the Barneycles towel cover! We wanted to design a fun aesthetic cover that also had the functionality to dry your pup once they have either been in the bath or out for a wet walk! We are super proud of how comfortable, durable and beneficial the barney bed is for dogs and we are so glad that Archie is experiencing all of the great orthopedic benefits! We are really grateful for the recommendation and we look forward to providing you with high quality service and products in the future!

Melanie Micheletto
Towel Cover

The towel cover has been great as it’s been washed a couple times due to territorial pee markings. It’s easy enough to prize off and return to its position. Much easier to wash then the Barney bed itself I must say!

Hello Melanie!
We designed the Barney Bed with practicality in mind, as we all know hygiene is not high on our dog’s list of priorities!
Thanks so much for your wonderful review, we appreciate your positive feedback

Best purchase

My dog absolutely loves this cover! I wish we had bought it sooner.

Thank you so much Marissa! We are so happy to hear your dog is loving the Barneycles Towel Cover It is so thick and plush! Doggie are just obsessed with them! Not to mention, they are so handy after bath time